• Make a basic map of where you have put what and where so it's easy to find when you need it.

  • Allow a clear path down the middle so that items are accessible.

  • Keep items you need more often at the front.

  • Try and keep a small gap between each stack to allow for circulation.

  • If you are storing a fridge, leave the door open (of the fridge).

  • Drain fuel tanks before storing as the fumes can penetrate your other items.

  • Do not store damp belongings in the unit. Some soft furnishing like mattresses and lounge furniture can hold moisture and it would be useful to air them in the sun before storing.
  • Open the doors every 6 weeks (or when able on a nice sunny day) to allow fresh air to circulate. If you are unable to do this, let Storage744 management know and they will be happy to do on your behalf.

Why Self Storage With Storage744?


Moving home

Renovating your house


Travelling or moving abroad


Long term storage for samples, archives and files

Stock and mechandise

Accessible storage for tools and equipment


Flexible solution for storing stuff over the summer holidays

In between university and accommodation

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